Attractions In Melaka
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It was inevitable that Melaka's turbulent history since its founding by Parameswara has left a rich cultural, social, economic and political legacy on present day Melaka The migration of people to Melaka from within and without the region, the presence of traders from the four corners of the world and the colonization of Melaka by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English respectively, and subsequent independence within the Federation of Malaya, have all played a role in shaping and moulding the political, social and cultural character of today's Melaka

The numerous historical sites and buildings in and around Melaka, tell the story of the rich and unique heritage of this ancient city. These sites and buildings are all well restored and serve not just as tourist attractions but as chapters and verse of living history for academicians and historians.

The 'Babas and Nyonyas', the 'Chittys' and the 'Eurasians of Portuguese, Dutch and English descent' all testify to the historical twists and turns that shaped the cultural diversity of Melaka, making it a truly unique state in the Federation of Malaysia.
Of all the Malaysian states, Melaka has a charm and character of its own. Its early history as an important port city brought traders from all over the world to its shores.

Their varied cultures played an important role in shaping the present day customs and practices of Melakans as a whole. Melaka is an excellent example of how historical events influence the growth and development of the culture of a people. This intermingling of cultures also has served to make Melakans more tolerant and understanding - traits which have played a major role in maintaining the peaceful and harmonious relationship between the major ethnic groups in the state today.

Melaka's early success and its colonial past played an important role in the evolvement of the Baba and Nyonyas, the Portuguese/Dutch/English Eurasians and the Chitties. While the descendants of these communities have spread to other parts of Malaysia, it is here in Melaka that it all began.
Islam is the official religion in Malaysia and Melaka. However the freedom of practicing any other beliefs are common. Since Melaka has a multi-racial society, therefore it has a multi-religion too.

Islam came to Melaka in late 13th century. It was when the Sultan of Melaka married a princess from Pasai. Meanwhile the traders brought Hindus and Buddhist faith to Melaka from India and China.
Peaceful and harmony way of living are everyone's dreams. Loved our nature, flora and fauna, wildlife among others has been an international alert.

In Melaka, preservation of its nature and greenery has been a major task and mission to fulfill. As one of the center of tourist attractions, Melaka also provides wonders of nature preservation area.
Melaka is truly a gourmet's paradise. Local restaurants serve some of the best authentic Malay, Chinese and Indian spreads in the region

Moreover, as a result of the intermingling of people through the rich, historical and cultural heritage of Melaka you can also get food that is truly Melakan - you can go "Baba and Nyonya" ( a blending of traditional Chinese and Malay dishes) or Portuguese (a blending or Portuguese and Malay dishes), all available throughout the year at very reasonable prices.
The reason mainly lies to the availability of well equipped state-of-art medical facilities and personal. Melaka, though small in size has 3 private hospitals which cater to the growing demand of private medical care service or health related tourism. Due to the reasonable medical charges and qualified professional medical practitioners available in Melaka, the number of patients from Indonesia has increased tremendously in the past 3 years. This is a proof of the increasing popularity of medical health tourism in Melaka.
Melaka is today known as a state offering various types and levels of education which may be attained by the community at large. This is supported by a complete infrastructure, making the state of Melaka a destination of choice in terms of further education, whether at secondary or tertiary level. The education industry is also rapidly expanding following the state government efforts to turn Melaka into a centre of learning.