The Objectives
  • The history of Cheng Ho visit Malacca in the 14th century proves that international trading is able to nurture a lasting peace, harmony and diplomatic relationship among other countries in the global arena.
  • Backed by the past history, Melaka with its strategic location and world heritage city advantage can be an ideal international trading platform and a free trade centre to facilitate trading business between the East and the West.
  • This is aimed to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) including capital and technology, and create more employment opportunities to the locals.
  • To put Malacca / Malaysia in the world map as the Regional Business Centre (RBC) in South East Asia region.
  • To create vibrant economic activities in Malacca / Malaysia.
  • Cheng Ho City is divided into 4 phases which consists of : Tourism and Entertainment Zone, Duty-Free Trading Zone, Duty-Free Business Zone Resorts & Recreation Zone whereby each phase can complement and support the other in a sustainable business cycle.
A Life - Long Diplomatic Relationship
  • Malaysia is the first Asean country that has diplomatically recognized China some 37 years ago.The diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia started since 1974. Ever since, the relationship gets strengthen over the years through various government initiatives through bilateral co-operations in various aspects covering business, trade, education, economic and social.
  • The establishment of Cheng Ho City symbolizes yet another diplomatic relationship that has long been established.