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WORLD CLASS-RESORT BASED TOURISM & BUSINESS CITY Cheng Ho City (CHC) is inspired by the legacy of Admiral Cheng Ho, a Muslim-Chinese famous for his 7th expedition voyages around the world during the 14th century. Malacca was his regular port of call and warehouse for international trade from East to West via the Straits of Malacca, the fabled Silk Route.

CHC sits on 900 acres of reclaimed land in Klebang, Malacca. It is a mixed development blending tourism, commercial and residential developments with prime seafront vantages. It is only a 5 to 10 minute drive from Malacca Old Town and the nearest town center.

It is divided into 4 zones: Admiral Gateway, Zheng Island, One World Island and Iconic Heart-Shaped Island. Each of these man-made islands is shaped after 3 universal symbols. CHC is built on land fully reclaimed by subsidiaries of Benalec Holdings Berhad.
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