Why Invest In Malacca? Are you interested to invest in the areas of industry, commerce or entrepreneurial development in Malacca? Your prospects are good as Malacca has agencies to assist you to do so.

The State Government of Malacca welcomes high industry sector to invest in Malacca has agencies to assist Malacca as it is on par with the State Government’s vision to achieve Developed State 2010, With the establishment of such an industry sector, there will be an indirect increase in the rapid economic growth arising from the participation of investors injecting substantial capital in this state.

Malacca has gazetted several technology industrial parks or industrial areas according to sectors such as automotive, composite, halal food hub, electric and electronic as well as furniture. Malacca has as many as 22 industrial areas which are developed by the private sector or the Malacca Development Corporation; amongst them are Ayer Keroh (various industries), Batu Berendam (electric and electronic), Serkam (halal food hub) and others. Various foreign companies are also operating in this state as the industrial area available has an international standard foreign companies are also operating in this state as the industrial area available has an international standard infrastructure and easily accessible highly skilled workforce Amongst the giant international corporations operating in Malacca are National Semiconductor (M) Sdn. Bhd. (United States of America), Infineon Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd. (German), Panasonic.

Malaysia is placed among 20 top countries in the list of countries attractive for foreign direct investment, according to the International Prospects Survey 2007-2009 FDI by the United Nations on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
A Life - Long Diplomatic Relationship
  • Strategic location, between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru and nearby Singapore on the south.
  • Express centre - chaired by the Honourable Chief Minister to approve development projects, building plans etc.
  • Having an efficient one-stop agency to help investors expedite the process of investing.
  • Having a world class infrastructure and complete facilities in respect of telecommunication, education centres, healthcare centres, and planned housing.
  • Having sufficient workforce who is also highly skilled to support the needs of the existing and future industries.
  • Solid co-operation and support by the state government in realising the investors’ dream to carry out business smoothly and profitably.